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Mission Statement


Experience.  Artistry.  Pride.  Dedication.  

This is Broadway Web Design's commitment to every aspect of every project.


Any web design company must have knowledge of web design, image creation, and the workings of the Internet.  But what sets Broadway Web Design apart is my specialization in representing performing arts on the World Wide Web.  I understand the impact a website has on a performer or a theatrical production.  Over the years I have seen the amazing difference a website can make.  I know the weight of my responsibility in representing my client to the world - a responsibility I take very seriously.  This is how most of the world will view them; it is my job represent them in the best possible way.

I also make it my responsibility to stay informed of what is happening in the theatre world, both on Broadway and nationally.  My background consists of years of attending theatre, writing reviews, interviewing performers, listening to cast recordings, reading theatre magazines and browsing theatre websites.  I firmly believe that this extensive background plays a large part in my ability to create a functionally effective and visually compelling performing arts website.


A site for an artist (singer), a group of artists (theatre group), or a work of art (musical) absolutely needs to be a work of art in itself.  From personalized seamless background patterns to eye-catching logos, I tailor my graphics to a performer or show's personality, connecting them to a theme or recurring image.  That is why with every design package I include a personal creative consultation session with the client.  I do not have standard "skeleton" layouts or schemes for clients to choose from.  Every new project is approached from a "blank screen" perspective, allowing for true originality for every new client.

The artistic challenge in web site design is to combine practical elements such as functionality and simplicity with the detail and beauty of elegant, stunning, or playful images.  Combining these elements produces a website not only entertaining and memorable to visitors, but one that serves as an artistic extension of the subject matter.  An artist deserves no less than a work of art.


Possessing a deep love of the performing arts as well as a desire to support it in every way possible, I take great pride in my work.  My goal and greatest reward is to produce a feeling of pride in my clients as well.  I want them to be proud of their website, proud to be represented to the world by it, proud to advertise it to interested parties.  I expect no less than for my clients to be pleased with every single aspect of their website.  This is my utmost priority.  That is why every step of the way in the development of a new website or web page I request feedback from my client.  A page is not completed until it receives my client's stamp of approval.


I not only care about quality of the websites I produce, but I also care about my clients and how the world views them.  Subsequently, in addition to my job as web designer, I take on the role of promoter.  I am dedicated to promoting my clients through internet advertising - an electronic version of "word of mouth."  On a technical level, this means submitting links to pertinent websites and internet search engines.  But on a personal level, this means conducting interviews and compiling or writing reviews to post on the site, and even building internet fan bases.  I find it easy to channel my 9 years of dedication as a theatre audience member into my performing arts based web design.

Contact Kristine with any questions, concerns, or for your personalized consultation.

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