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April 4, 2000

If you are looking for a fabulous webmistress who delivers what you want, you have come to the right website...Broadway Web Design.  Webmistress Kristine Kulage has been a joy to work with - thorough, friendly, creative, innovative, and very accommodating.  She listens to your needs and desires and formulates what she feels you would like into a beautiful, creative website.  Kristine has my highest recommendation for anyone looking for a top-notch website that delivers class and style.  You can't find a kinder, more generous individual than she.  Her knowledge of the internet is so helpful if you need any explaining on how everything works.  I feel so fortunate to have found her, just surfing the net...Kristine Kulage is a beautiful, talented person who deserves your highest consideration.  She's a real gem!!!

- Leslie Giammanco

October 1, 1999

Since 1997, it has been my privilege to be represented on the Internet by the extraordinary work of Kristine Kulage.  If you are looking for a bold, personal and compelling presence on the World Wide Web, then look no further than this artist.

As a performer, I was in search of a way to keep my fan base together, to have more direct contact with them and to make them aware of new and up-coming events in my schedule. I had also just released my first CD through a small record label; because their advertising capital was limited, Internet representation was essential to the marketing and sale of my product. Kristine instantly solved this for me. She first created for me a home page that was easily accessible through the address: Because my fan base is drawn from a number of different musicals I’ve performed in, Kristine then created individual pages covering my history as a performer, each one informative, entertaining, and fun. Using both her writing and marketing skills, she created a whirlwind of excitement around my CD release. She made the product easily accessible to customers by creating links to all major music sites. Within days, my CD was selling to customers throughout the US and even as far away as Taiwan. Now, that’s what I call reaching an audience!

A successful Internet presence is more than just a good home page. People and businesses alike are constantly growing, constantly improving and evolving. To really succeed on the Internet you need a designer with a personal stake in the way you are viewed by the world. Through Kristine’s constant commitment and creativity, my site has adapted and expanded with each new phase of my career, expanding my fan base and creating a unique environment that they look forward to visiting often. Thanks to Kristine, my web site is far more than “user friendly”. She has created a “virtual neighborhood” – inviting, personal and fun. I highly recommend her to you.


Ron Bohmer

What visitors to The Official Ron Bohmer Internet Site have said:

"It is a beautiful and stylish site.  One of the best I have ever seen.  I highly recommend it, especially Ron's letter page.  Too bad (other performers) never had a site like this!"

"How nice to find a website where I can found out about Ron's upcoming performances!"

"I really enjoyed your extensive page you created for such a talented actor.  Because of your page, I am on the hunt to buy Ron Bohmer's CD, everyman.  Thanks again for your excellent web page.  I put it on my favorite places and will check it often."

"I think that this is a great website.  Living in the UK it's difficult to keep up to date with news about what Ron's up to.  I found the web pages and think they are really brilliant and very useful.  Keep up the great work!"

"I think Ron is such a sweet man...I only know by the wonderful site you have made for him.  But I have enjoyed the way he connects with his fans with the diary, etc.  I will be visiting your site again.  It is one of the nicest ones I have seen.  Thanks for what you are so thorough!  And your graphics are really good and well-chosen."

October 9, 1999

When I was first approached by Kristine Kulage and told about the glories of a website and how it could impact on my career (and please understand, Kristine presented her ideas in the most gracious soft-sell imaginable), I had no idea how ingenious and practical a tool it would become in the ingenious and impractical life I'd chosen in the theatre.

Being a very private and independent person, I initially wasn't sure I wanted anyone assuming entry and making my life available on the net.  We met and talked at some length and I felt she respected and truly understood my concerns yet she also undertook the task of educating me as to the unique opportunities she could provide through the incredible access the internet affords...and voila!...she created a website that speaks for itself in terms of artistry, beauty, and integrity...I really don't need to say a word; one only need type out and it's all on view.

Last week I was in London very briefly and naturally just as soon as I left, my agent there called my hotel in Paris and regretfully told me I had just missed an opportunity to meet with some very interested people for a show on the West End.  I told her to have them look at my website where they could see my entire theatrical history, some personal history, and hear every album and CD I've ever recorded - certainly beats a business card.

Kristine truly loves the theatre and performers, she is knowledgeable, professional, and a real ferret when it comes to seeking out the unique thing that separates one talent from another.  She also has a keen ear for what fans are truly interested in hearing and gently insists it be shared (as can be seen in the Q & A on my site).  I personally look forward to sharing my career with her and whoever wishes to tune in as years go by.

With much respect and affection,

Christine Andreas

What visitors to Storybook - The Official Christine Andreas Web Site have said:

"Thank you so much for having this website for Christine Andreas!  I love this site and I love her performances.  I have visited it a dozen times and really enjoy it."

"I'm so glad I was able to find information on The Fields of Ambrosia CD I've been searching for.  Thanks to your website, I have purchased the CD and I love it!"

"Thanks to Christine's website, I'm going to see her at the Algonquin in May.  I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.  I ordered my tickets right away.  I can't wait to see her!"

"I love Christine and I love this page!  A performer of this talent deserves a page this thorough and beautiful.  Just lovely."

October 2, 1999

In preparation for moving to another state, I chose Kristine Kulage's services for designing and creating a web site which contained my resume, teaching portfolio, and visual images of my artwork.  Kristine's organization and personal dedication to the quality of the web site resulted in a well-planned, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly product for an art educator like myself.

Kristine was faced with the task of organizing a large amount of multimedia information.  She rose to the challenge and created her own work of art in the way she designed my web site.  Kristine even took the time to help me understand how the computer and software were translating the information we were entering onto the web site.

In short, if you are looking for a creative, concise, well-organized web site, then Kristine Kulage is the web site designer for you.  I give her my full recommendation as I continue to utilize her services.


Stephanie McMullen
Art Educator

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